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#1 Home Inspection Issue

Often we get asked what is the top defect we find when inspecting homes. By far the number one cause of defects is deferred or lack of maintenance. Its surprising how many homeowners either don't check their home on a regular basis or neglect to perform maintenance tasks such as painting, caulking and gutter cleaning. Failing to maintain your home will lead to larger issues and more expensive repairs.

Take Me Back

Have you ever had one of those moments where you see or hear something and it instantly takes you back in time?

Yikes a Crack!

Cracks in a home are like spiders and snakes most people don't like them and some get over excited when the see one.

The unfortunate reality is most homes will have some type of cracking present. As a home inspector it is our job to note conditions that can have adverse affect on the home and to look for clues that may point to a bigger issue.

Will Your Inspector Walk the Roof?

Every home inspector has their own method for inspecting a home. Many don't want to walk on a roof for one reason or another. First there is the most obvious reason which is safety!  Most inspectors won't walk a very steep roof, a wet or snow covered roof. The last thing anyone wants is someone slipping and falling off the roof.  Roofing materials also hinder walking roofs, clay tiles and wooden shingle/shakes can be easily damaged.

Why VUE?

Charlotte Renaissance Festival

With fall in the Carolina air its time once again for the Carolina Renissance Festival. If you've never gone or its been a while since you attended its a fun event and well worth the trip.  Plan on spending most of the day there.  Arrive early and take an early lunch to beat the crowd.  Feast on a giant turkey leg or a hearty warm bread bowl soup.  Toss some tomato's and cheer for the knight of your choice at the jousting event. 

Charlotte to Concord Rail Upgrade mean big changes for Harrisburg

Where are we Charlotte, Concord or Harrisburg?

Well we made it through another race week and the World 600 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  That's right the Charlotte Motor Speedway, located in Concord with a Harrisburg mailing address. That's about as crazy as camping in the in-field.  Maybe not as I've never camped at a race much less in the in-field.

Spring Time in Harrisburg